Most of my offerings are pretty straight forward and really shouldn’t require support, however in those infrequent times when something does go awry and you do need support for your product this is where you need to be.

Before you contact me for support, please ensure that you have attempted to resolve the issue by going through the basics.

Here’s the basics:

  1. Did you read the documentation for the product?
    • If you didn’t, please take the time to do so now
    • If you did, read it again and ensure that you followed the instructions correctly.
  2. Did you change anything?
    • If you modified the code.
    • Put the code back the way it was and test it again
    • Try uploading the original and test it again
  3. Did you add another piece of software/modification/plugin?
    • Uninstall the software/modification/plugin and test it again
  4. Is it plugged in? (Just kidding!)

If you have gone through the basics and still need support, please fill in the form below. I’ll be sure to get back in touch as quickly as I can to get your issue resolved.

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