68 Classifieds

68 Classifieds is a commercial software script that can be purchased to run your own classified ads website. In my opinion, this is the best commercial classifieds software on the market.

I have been using this script myself for over two years and run a Local Community Website with it. Although the 68 Classifieds script is meant to simply be a classified ads website, it’s feature set and full customization allows me to be able to use it as my Content Management System (CMS) for the site. The site also includes classified ads, of course. I am now also a Moderator for the 68 Classifieds support forums.

Due to the versatility of this software script, I have delved into full development of the design, layout, modifications, plug-ins and module development. It is here that  I post my thoughts, tips, tricks and other mayhem about 68 Classifieds. This also includes my offerings both free and paid to be used with the script.

I am not associated with 68 Classifieds other than a satisfied customer, moderator, developer and friends of the developers. If you are interested in purchasing 68 Classifieds for your own classified ads website, click the link here.