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The Postal Codes Module allows your end users to search listings within a radius of their inputed postal code. In the search page of your site, this module adds a “Postal Code” field which your end user can input the postal code of their choice as well as choose from a pulldown menu the distance that they would like to find listings for.

This module adds an extra Postal Code Field in all of your listings. This is done automatically, you do not need to create this field. Your sellers enter the postal code for their listing during the checkout or whenever they modify the listing. As an Admin, you will also be able to edit this field when you are in the Manage Listings section and choose a listing to edit.

There are no additional administration functions for this module, except access to the readme file when you click on the “?” in the modules section.

The Postal Codes module has been made for international use, therefore is based on Kilometers. Each Postal Codes data version is specific to a country or area (eg: UK). I am currently offering this module with these specific data versions:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • *UK

If you would like a different data version that is not currently being offered, please contact me:
as I have just about every country in the modern world. I just haven’t taken the time to extract each and every individual country. Chances are, I can have a data version set for your requested country within a day.



  1. Upload the “postcodes” folder to your modules directory on your webserver yoursite/modules/postcodes
  2. Log in to your administration
  3. Click on your “Settings” tab
  4. Click on the “Modules” link in the submenu
  5. Find the Postal Codes Module in your list and click “Activate”
  6. Wait for the installation to complete: This may take a few moments as it is adding the postcodes database table and adding the postcode column to your listings table as well as inserting all of the postcodes data into your database.
  7. You’re done! :)

You can verify the success of installation by going to your classifieds sight and click on the “Search” tab which will take you to your advance search page. You should now see the new added fields on this page:

Postal Codes search page

Postal Codes search page

This screenshot shows the Search Page. This is where your end user can input their postal code. The drop down menu is shown, where the end user can select the distance radius that the module will use to find all active listings within the radius chosen.

Please bear in mind that although you have installed the Postal Codes Module, the installation does NOT insert codes into your existing listings. It adds the postal codes field that your sellers can insert their postal code for their listing. You as an admin can also add this as well. To edit an existing listing, login to your administration, click on the “Listings” tab, then click on the “Manage Listings” submenu link. In the list of your existing listings, click on the title of the listing that you would like to edit.

If you have any further questions or are in need of support for this module, please contact me:

*Note: The UK version of this module supports the “Outer Code” only. The Royal Mail system for the UK uses two codes “Outer” and “Inner”, however the Inner code is not supported mainly because it doesn’t serve much purpose for the functionality as the inner code is limited to an extremely small area.

The UK version of this module has been updated based on user feedback. The readme and the hooks files have been changed to reflect the fact that the module only supports the “Outer” Postal code. The Postal Code field in the UK version now includes text to instruct the visitor to only input the Outer code in the field. If you have purchased the UK version of the Postal Codes Module prior to June 1, 2009, please contact me and I will send you the updated UK version at no charge to you.

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